What Others Say About the Oasis:

“Ron and Judy have really made a difference in the world. If anybody’s ever blazed a trail and been pioneers in this greater Los Angeles area, you have. Your integrity is just known worldwide. But most of all, you have been our friends and we love and admire you. You are my heroes. The 30 years of ministry have yielded a reputation of love and caring. It seems that every hurting child in Hollywood has passed through their doors.” Tommy Barnett, pastor of Phoenix First Assembly and Co-Pastor of The Dream Center

“Ron and Judy are servants of the highest caliber as they love and give unselfishly to those around them bringing the light and life of Jesus in Hollywood. I trust these people. They are of sound Christian character and practice and I highly recommend them. I want to encourage you to support and partner with the ministry of Oasis of Hollywood. Anna and I are. We believe in what you are doing. It deserves mission status, for there is not a part of this world where there are missionaries that are more faithfully penetrating the darkness than where the Radachy’s are.” Jack Hayford, Founding Pastor of Church on the Way, Chancellor of The King’s Seminary, President of International Foursquare

“Ron & Judy Radachy have dedicated their lives to reach the lost and hurting of Hollywood. Their determination through difficult times in a difficult place is a testimony of faithfulness. God has called them to a strategic mission field and their efforts are making a difference.” David L. Meyer, CEO World Outreach for Joyce Meyer Ministries

“The streets of the nations in the world are teeming with people that are to some simply a nuisance with their begging, stealing, and pimping. Not so to Ron and Judy and their staff. They see them like Jesus wants all of us to see them—as valuable assets to God, waiting for redemption to become productive, and in turn, to change others.” Cindy Jacobs, Generals International

“The work of the Oasis in reaching numerous needy young people on the streets of Hollywood remains one of the only rays of hope in an often dreary, despair-filled place. I am both honored and motivated by my partnership with Ron & Judy Radachy as they guide the Oasis and I am pledged, along with my congregation, to their continued support.” Lloyd Ogilvie, former U.S. Senate Chaplain, former pastor of Hollywood Presbyterian Church

“I have seen a Hollywood story unfold more dramatic than a screen writer’s invention. Here portrayed is true heroism, tenacity, and struggle—inspirational living that transcends time and quietly builds for eternity in the mean streets of the city of dreams.” John Dawson, President YWAM International

“Congratulations, Ron and Judy, on your 30th Anniversary. We are so proud of you and all that God has done in your ministry.” Matthew Barnett, Pastor The Dream Center, Los Angeles

A message from  Pastor Matthew

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