Oasis Youth exists to share The Gospel to teenagers living in the inner-city of Los Angeles! 

Our Friday Night Hangout was created to provide at-risk teens a safe space to get off the streets and hang out with their friends on a Friday night.

Our goal every Friday night is to: 

Create a Safe, Fun Space for Local Teens

With gangs, drug abuse, violence, and crime being so prevalent in Los Angeles, we knew that we needed to give young people in Hollywood an escape from the chaos & dysfunction that comes with living in the inner- city. Every Friday from 7PM-10PM, the Oasis provides a safe space for local teens to come hang out with their friends, enjoy a free meal, play video games, sports, and more.

Make Jesus Known

Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother! Every Friday night, we share an encouraging message from the Bible that is designed to introduce students to the Gospel and give them the tools necessary to follow Jesus. 

Meet the Practical Needs

We are mindful of the needs represented by many of the students & families that we serve. Living in the city, many of the students come from single-parent, minority, low-income households. To help meet these needs, we provide free groceries every Friday night, as well as free field trips, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving meals, camp scholarships, and more throughout the year. As we get to know families on a case-by-case basis, we are able to meet more specific needs for furniture, appliances, and more. 

When is Oasis Youth?

Oasis Youth happens every Friday evening from 5-8pm

Is there transportation?

We provide free transportation to & from homes. Please contact Mynor Rosales at, or contact our office at 323.469.3027.

Is food provided?

We provide a free hot meal & groceries every Friday night. 

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