Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus ended sin & death’s reign and provided mankind with the opportunity to receive new life through Him. And today, in 2024, people are still receiving that gift.

Jazmyn is in her 3rd year of college and started coming to Kidz Klub in 1st Grade. Since Jazmyn got saved at the Oasis Summer Camp in high school, she has prayed for her parent's salvation. Just one week ago, Jazmyn’s mom was baptized at The Heart LA Church here in Los Angeles. We asked Jazmyn for her perspective on Easter & her mom’s salvation & baptism:

“Easter means hope to me. Jesus, a perfect man, was sent to die on the cross instead of a man (Barabbas) who deserved it. It’s easy to be angry, thinking “How could the people choose to free Barabbas, but not Jesus?" What we can fail to realize is we are Barabbas. We deserved to be on that cross, we deserved to face the punishment that our sin caused. We deserved to face the fate Jesus took for us. But it was in God’s love and grace that he sent His only son to die for our sins. Because of Jesus' death & resurrection, I am able to say I am free. Easter gives me hope because I am no longer bound by sin. I have a place in God’s kingdom.

Jazmyn goes on to say about her mom's baptism:

"The significance of my mom being baptized is that it represents that God has no bounds, that God makes miracles out of the times that we are most lost in our lives.

My aunt (my mom’s sister & best friend) had always loved God it was thanks to her that I even became part of Oasis when I was in 1st grade. Her love for God changed so many people’s lives and it was so evident how God lived in her. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with cancer.

She and my mom made a pact to get baptized together when she got better, but that time never came. This time was rough for me, but I couldn’t imagine how it was for my mom. During this difficult time, the Oasis staff taught me how to hear from God and I was able to help my mom understand the truth.

God turned a horrible time into a time of hope and peace. Just this week my mom got baptized, and now she says that she hasn’t felt this peace in a long while and she and I started truly praying together for the first time ever.”

This Easter, we celebrate Jesus- our best friend, healer, Savior, and our true hero. We are believing for more stories like Jazmyn’s mom, and we believe for all of your friends & family members to know Jesus personally. 

Thank You, Jesus!