Many of you know that we’ve been praying for open doors for Bible clubs at local middle & high schools. We are excited that that door has opened at at least 1 local school! 

During the first week of school, an Oasis Youth student, named Gabe, was approached by another student. The student told Gabe, “Hey I like your sweater! You’re a Christian?” Gabe realized he was wearing a sweater he bought earlier in the year at youth convention that said “Theology, Study the Word of God.”

Immediately, Gabe said, “Yes, I am!” The two started talking and decided that they would start a Bible Club & co-lead it together. So, every Wednesday during lunch, Gabe & his new friend will host a BIBLE CLUB & teach their classmates & friends about the Word of God. We are excited & expectant! 

If you would like to partner with us in sponsoring this Bible Club, you can donate today or email for more info.